Topiary's Holiday Gift Guide — Match the Gift to the Loved One

Topiary's Holiday Gift Guide — Match the Gift to the Loved One

Topiary's Holiday Gift Guide — Match the Gift to the Loved One

The holiday season has arrived in full swing, bringing an abundance of joy and cheer, yet also bringing the stress of getting presents that show your friends and family just how much you care for them. So in today’s blog post, we in Topiary are here to help you find the gifts that perfectly fit the character and interests of your loved one... 

To the go-getter that’s always on top of everything,

I love how even if the world is falling apart, you’ll still have your routine and schedule in order, your to-do lists completed, and your mental and physical health in-check. So for you, I got the My Everything, because I know you like to have all your materials secure and complete, the Body Restorer, because with how busy you are, I know you’d appreciate something that alleviates stress, and the Carafe Set for your pre-workout drinks or morning detoxes.
Your drive and productivity never fail to inspire me! Happy holidays, I love you.

To the hostess who plans chill barkada brunches to Sunday family dinners,

I love how you make even the simplest of gatherings so special with your exuberance and charm, your keen eye for beauty, and your attention to detail. Everything is always perfect—from the pika pika to the main food and drinks, from the table sets and decor to the music and atmosphere. So for you, I got the Truest Dinnerware Set, the Carafe Set, and the Abundance Bowls to make lovely additions to your get-togethers and growing collection of plates, cups and bowls.
You bring beauty and positive vibes everywhere you go! Happy holidays, I love you.

To the athlete who works so hard to excel,

I love the determination and dedication you have for your sport, and the discipline and effort you put into honing your skills to become the best athlete you can be. So for you, I got the Body Restorer to relieve any tired or strained muscles, the For Anything and Everything Tote to carry your water bottle, sneakers and sports attire, and the Toiletry Kit to keep everything you need to freshen up after practice.
You’re my MVP! Happy holidays, I love you.

To the adventurer that can’t be tied down,

I love how you're filled with so much wonder and curiosity for the world, how your spontaneity brings you to new places and new people, how you enrich your life with experiences, how you prefer being lost than being found. So for you, I got the Toiletry Kit, the My Everything, and the Luggage Cube to take all the things you need for your travels and adventures—historical sites, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, museums, beaches, forests, deserts, mountains, wherever it may be.
You are a marvel in the same way the world is a marvel! Happy holidays, I love you.

To the amateur cook who knows the way to any person’s heart is through their stomach,

I love how you experiment with different recipes, techniques and ingredients, bringing forth a party of flavors and colors that dance on our palettes. You never fail to stuff us full with delicious homemade food of every cuisine. I can taste the love in every meal! So for you, I got the Truest Dinnerware Set and the Abundance Bowls as they make the perfect vibrant plates and bowls worthy of all your vibrant dishes.
You’ll always be my Master Chef! Happy holidays, I love you.

To the creative whose mind runs a mile a minute and whose hands make all that they touch gold,

I love how your soul glows with the passion you have for your craft, and how you breathe life into all your ideas, creating things that evoke and inspire, that radiate beauty and ingenuity. So for you, I got the For Anything and Everything Tote, the My Everything and the Luggage Cube to carry your cameras and art materials, your accessories and clothes, and your journals, sketchbooks and laptop wherever you need to go to create and feel inspired.
You are a visionary! Happy holidays, I love you.

To the homebody that appreciates simple comforts and slow moments,

I love how I can just come to you whenever I need to snuggle up, unwind and feel at home, and how you always have the best movie, show and book recommendations! So for you, I got the Body Restorer to make your evenings even more relaxing and to massage stiff muscles after lounging all day, and the Abundance Bowls to put all the popcorn and snacks you munch on while watching Netflix or reading novels.
You feel like home to me! Happy holidays, I love you.

We hope this list gave you some gift ideas and inspiration. But don’t forget to express your love for your friends and family not just in the holiday season, but all year round!

From Topiary to you, our dear readers,

Happy holidays, we love you. xx