What fabric are the luggage cubes made of? Are they water resistant?
Our cubes are made of Polytwill and they are not water resistant.

What fabric are the nesting pouches made of?
Nesting pouches are made of synthetic leather.

Are your Truest mugs microwaveable? How about the prosperity bowl?
Yes, the mugs are microwaveable. Their gold trimmings are made to tolerate heat from the microwave. However, the prosperity bowls are not microwaveable.

Who pays for the shipping fee?
The shipping fee is charged to you based on your location. It will be included in your total bill upon checkout. Do note that while we choose the best courier for our service, we are not responsible for delays on their end.

Lead time of shipment?
Please allow 1-3 days for a Metro Manila address and 1-5 days for a regional address.