Topiary Reading Club Vol. II: Wanderlust

Topiary Reading Club Vol. II: Wanderlust

Topiary Reading Club Vol. II: Wanderlust

Leaf through the pages of these three awe-inspiring books that grant you tickets into dazzling adventures and stories beyond our own, as we enjoy them in the
comfort of our homes.

Manila Was A Long Time Ago by AA Patawaran

Stories told by different Filipino protagonists set in various cities in the world, Manila Was A Long Time Ago, shows you how life is both different and somewhat similar to our own country as Filipinos living in foreign lands. And that no matter how far one may be, Manila will always stir feelings, emotions and memories in all of us. Written by one of the country’s most respected writers and editors, AA Patawaran is a genius story-teller, every time.


Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Arthur Golden’s elegant novel, Memoirs of a Geisha, has earned loyal fans spanning generations for its captivating and touching story and style of writing.  A classic in the making, Memoirs is the story of Sayuri’s rise into fame as Kyoto’s most sought-after Geisha and the sacrifices she had to make and people she must let go of for her career. It’s a story about love, belonging and sometimes, the tragic truth that some people, will have to keep working their entire lives to get a hold of the freedom they deserve.   


Dune by Frank Herbert

Many generations and years after us, humans will have already conquered planets outside the Earth and have established an intergalactic system to a way of living, where houses or bloodlines rule each planet under one government. These ruling houses long for a single resource that gives them power, a certain kind of spice that only grows in Dune. This is the story of Frank Herbert’s Dune, a seminal masterpiece that has influenced Science-Fiction the genre since its inception. If you like adventures in the sci-fi realm paired with writing that keeps you reading, Dune is an important work that deserves to be read by everyone and many generations to come.