Topiary Reading Club Vol. V

Topiary Reading Club Vol. V

Topiary Reading Club Vol. V

Inspire the cravings in you with these delectable reads. 

Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book: From Thursday Nights at Campanile: A Cookbook by Nancy Silverton

It’s sad that the famous LA restaurant Campanile has closed years ago, but the legacy it left behind has deeply influenced plenty of restaurants and recipes in its wake. One of its lasting impressions on the way we eat you can still taste for yourselves through Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book. It’s a collection of recipes featuring the famed sandwiches she served Thursday nights at Campanile, bread recipes, even bar snacks worth trying at home. In this book, Silverton has championed the many, creative ways to enjoy a sandwich.

Where Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli Music

Carla Lalli Music has struck gold with her first book, Where Cooking Begins as she takes her readers through visual guides and pleasures and all the important basics of cooking up good in the kitchen. Where some cook books miss, Music guarantees a flexibility in her recipes-if one does not have a certain ingredient, Music has alternatives you can explore for your use. It’s practical, realistic and does not scrimp on the deliciousness we deserve in our daily lives.

Spirited: Cocktails from Around the World by Adrienne Stillman 

Start making your own cocktails at home with the ultimate guide to the spirits, Spirited: Cocktails from Around the World by Adrienne Stillman presents the whats and how-tos of good cocktails. 610 cocktails are featured in this book, complete with their recipes and add to that, the tools and bar equipment you would need to building your own bar at home. If you’re in the mood for classic cocktails, they’re here for sure, if you wish to travel through your palette, regional cocktails are here too. It’s a must for those of us who love a good cocktail no matter the occasion. 

Ad Hoc At Home by Thomas Keller

Ad Hoc At Home brings the unmistakably delicious food from the famed restaurant of the same name, to the comforts of your own home. World-renowned chef, restauranteur and cookbook writer Thomas Keller takes you through the comforting food that he serves at Ad Hoc and makes them accessible for everyone to make wherever in the world they may be. From savory favorites down to sweet meal endings, it’s a joy to read as it is a pleasure to make and eat.