The Simple Trick To Keeping Things In Order

The Simple Trick To Keeping Things In Order

The Simple Trick To Keeping Things In Order

Written by Gerard Gotladera
Illustrations by Sophia Calubad

There’s a different kind of joy and satisfaction in knowing exactly where everything you need is. And there’s true madness in the times wasted hunting through all the mess and rubble of an unkempt space. For all these long hours we’ve clocked in at home, it can sometimes get out of hand and you lose sight of how disorganized everything is. Until it affects your mood, your energy, even the opportunities that are trying to find their way to you, end up being clogged in the mess. If you’ve been through this phase or if you currently live in a space where cable wires or essential oils go missing, it’s time you take note of our little trick for keeping things in order. And may we add too, in candy-colored
Truest pouches and luggage cubes.

The Pouches and Cubes for your Needs

The Slip File is a good start. A slim, compact pouch that can easily house your daily essentials such as phone cable chargers, your favorite essential oils, pens, note pads, IDs and cards, keys even and mini gadgets like wireless earphones that you need on the daily. Have it on standby on your desk for those who work at home or have it ready by the door whenever you need to leave. 

If ergonomically designed items bring you as much joy as the Clean does for us, then make this your new skin and bodycare vanity kit. Beautifully designed, useful for travel and even in the comforts of your own home. Instead of travelling back and forth to get your skincare items, let the Clean carry that for you. An on-cam meeting in 5 minutes? Pack your make up here and review what you have to while you’re prepping your face, then just roll the sleeve back in, zip and get on with your schedule!

The Luggage Cubes have been the perfect partner when traveling was still a thing we could all freely do. But now that most of us are safe in our homes, it’s time to give these “reliables” a new purpose in life. If you work out at home, neatly roll up some fresh towels you’d be using for the week and store them in the large cube. Have them within reach wherever you may be working out at home. The medium cube is a good size for storing your art materials, just make sure your paint pots are sealed and your brushes are all clean and dry. Cables, laptop accessories and other supporting items for your gadgets would fit perfectly inside the small cube. That way too, it won’t be such a challenge looking for them when you need them. 

The Crown Jewelry Kit is as good as your own jewelry box. What used to keep your precious jewels safe during travels, we believe now deserves a spot on your dresser. It’s a shame to have misplaced earrings or bracelets in your house so best to keep them all in the jewelry kit! Stylishly designed as well which easily matches the prized, sparkling possessions you keep inside. 


Add that bit of nostalgia into the daily and keep your favorite munchies and bites in our charming little Snack Box. Your treats are within reach for the pick-me-ups you need and you avoid going back for seconds in the kitchen. 

There really is a joy and almost contentment one gets when everything you need has a proper place in the space you live in. And that’s one more thing off your already hectic and busy life that just makes living a bit more enjoyable.