Love Language for the Self - Quarantine Edition

Love Language for the Self - Quarantine Edition

Love Language for the Self - Quarantine Edition

Service, Gifts, Touch, Time, Words 

In our own unique ways, we’ve all taken care of our friends and family during this pandemic, but we can’t forget to nourish and nurture our own selves as real love begins with self-love.


Acts of Service - The Bamboo Tapper

Working or studying from home, stuck sitting at a desk for hours can drain both your mind and body. Body tapping and exercising are simple acts of service that you can do for yourself. A bamboo tapper is a perfect tool to alleviate the stress and lethargy, to improve circulation and energy levels, and to use before and after your at-home work-outs, leaving you rebalanced and renewed.






Gift Giving - Detox Drink

If you find a sense of gloominess and weariness settling deep in your bones, take a breather and gift yourself a little pick-me-up for the body and soul in the form of a lemon tea detox drink. Pour it in your favorite mug and take it with you on an outdoor stroll or on a leisure reading session. Your body and soul are precious gifts so take time to flush out the toxins and negativity, and to cultivate wellness from the inside out.






Physical Touch - The Body Restorer

You may not be able to take a self-care trip to the spa right now, but you can still give yourself a much needed body massage. Alleviate the tensions in your muscles, and support circulation and lymphatic drainage with deep and soothing strokes of the Hayo’u Body Restorer. Bring a little bit of the spa to the four walls of your bedroom.







Quality Time - Skincare & Facial Massage
Going through the motions of your skincare routine is a wonderful way to spend a bit of quality me-time. Even whilst being stuck at home you can still make the experience luxurious and special by applying your cleansers and moisturizer, sunscreen and serums, and using your Hayo’u Beauty Restorer with utmost gentleness and love. 






Words of Affirmation - Journaling

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your tasks and caught up in your thoughts, especially in these unsettling and confusing times, so sometimes you need to take a step back. Pick up a journal. Plan out your schedule. Pen your emotions, your worries, your blessings, and your self-affirmations. There is a serene sort of fulfillment born from an organized and productive day.