LEXICON of LOVE: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

LEXICON of LOVE: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

LEXICON of LOVE: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is approaching—the holiday that is seemingly only for those with significant others. But in its essence, it’s a holiday of love, therefore, it’s a holiday for everyone. Love is, after all, a universal experience.

It’s time we celebrate all types of love—filial, platonic, romantic—in all their complexity and imperfect perfection. It’s time we celebrate all the people who have left their imprints on hearts, added the colors to our lives and helped in writing the chapters of our stories.

Here, we’ve curated a list of gift and date ideas that correspond to the different types of love coined by the Ancient Greeks, the ultimate romantics.




passionate and romantic love

This Valentine’s Day, gift your lover something classically romantic with a unique twist—jewelry of gemstones and diamonds paired with a gua sha crystal, a different kind of stone altogether, or a bouquet of fresh roses matched with a Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer. Maybe add in a handwritten love letter too. The Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer is a rejuvenating and cooling gua sha that soothes the skin, improves energy flow, supports circulation and lymphatic drainage, lifts, plumps and sculpts, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Anyone would appreciate a tool that can elevate their skincare routine and enhance their beauty—that beauty that you were so enamored by, that beauty you fell in love with.

Date Idea

Have a DIY spa day at home where you give each other massages, and do your respective skincare and gua sha routines at the same time. Lounge around wearing matching spa robes and sheet masks, eating finger foods and sipping on glasses of champagne, and simply basking in the comfortable presence of the person you love.


filial love, natural affection

Our family members are some of the first people we ever learn to love, and mealtime is bonding time for the family, the dinner table is the heart of the home. Get your Mom, Lola, Tita, or relative something that’s reminiscent of mealtimes at home like a beautiful everyday mug, the Sundance in Gingham Mug. You can personalize the present by getting them their favorite brand of coffee beans, tea, matcha powder or tsokolate tablea. Their favorite drink served in a mug with bright and cheerful Kalachuchi makes for an effective pick-me-up that is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Date Idea

Cook up a simple merienda or brunch for your Mom, Lola, Tita, or relative, and share that meal with them. Make sure to accompany the homemade food with a delicious drink in the Sundance in Gingham Mug.


deep, loyal friendship

Friendships are some of the most important relationships anyone will ever have, running deeper and lasting longer than even some romantic relationships. Friends are the family that we choose, and we can’t forget to shower them with love on this special day. The For Anything & Everything Tote is the perfect present to give all kinds of people with all kinds of interests—whether your friend is an artist or athlete, student or entrepreneur, they’ll get good use out of this tote that can store anything they need for anywhere they need to go. With pretty prints, lightweight material and ample space, this constant, ever reliable tote has truly become a go-to bag, reminding us of our constant, ever reliable go-to friendships that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Date Idea

Go on a road trip with your friends this Valentine’s Day and set up a picnic outdoors. Many of the best adventures of our lives are spent with our best friends, and The For Anything & Everything Tote is made for all those adventures.


love for the self

We can’t care for others if we don’t care for ourselves; we can’t give what we don’t have. Real love for others begins with self-love, so in addition to getting the people you love something special this Valentine’s Day, also get something special for yourself. The Clear Quartz Compress is a calming tool that rebalances and soothes tired skin, relaxes tight muscles, and reduces puffiness and the appearance of pores. It’s a wonderful skincare tool to incorporate into your daily self-care routine—those healing moments at the end of the day where you can tend to yourself, unwind, breathe and just be. Cherish yourself as much as you cherish others.

Date Idea

Set up a pamper day for yourself with scented candles, calming music and a bubble bath. Put on your comfiest pjs, catch up on your show or book, buy that item that’s been on your wishlist, and indulge in some of your favorite food. End the day with a thorough skincare routine that includes the Clear Quartz Compress.