Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Our dads deserve the best this Father’s Day! Make life simpler and better for them with our Father’s Day Selects. Just make sure you get these before Sunday. Head on over our site to check these items out. 

Luggage Cube 2.0 Combo in Oxford, Hunter and Russet

Give dad the gift of space and extra storage, with our Luggage Cube 2.0. Cop the set in this chic and luscious colorway too. Nothing complicated, but everything he needs is in safe keeping.

Luggage Cube in Hellebore

For when traveling resumes, the original luggage cube that started it all is still the king of keeping clothes and other items in check and safe in your luggage. We recommend this monochromatic set in Hellebore that visually stands out too when unpacked.

Bamboo Tapper

Hayo’u Bamboo Tapper

Introduce your dad to the magic of tapping with Hayo’u’s Bamboo Tapper. Incorporate this in his morning routine for that boost of energy and have him tap by sundown, to ease him into a good night’s sleep. 

Nesting Pouches in Scholastic

Dads too need respective pouches for the tiny trinkets they carry around and our Nesting Pouches come in handy! With each pouch, a different size and color that works as a good reference to help him remember where his things are.

Hayo’u Body Restorer

This stainless steel Body Restorer is the secret to hard workouts, minus the pain. Or if he’s often complaining about knots and tension around the shoulders, this is the gift to give. Nothing says you care more than gifting your dad the benefits of a deep massage, compressed in a tiny, stylish tool.