A Visual Feast

A Visual Feast

A Visual Feast

From classic TV series to unsolved crimes and mysteries to design inspirations and Formula One, here are interesting picks from the Topiary team’s watchlist.


Formula One Racing


“My friend persuaded me to watch ‘Drive to Survive’ Season 1 on Netflix two years ago, and ever since I’ve been hooked onto Formula One. Some people might just see it as ‘cars going around a circle’, but I discovered it’s more than that – it’s the use of technology and the importance of teamwork. Speed is only one thing; rivalries, pride and the community completes it. And I think that is why they call it the pinnacle of Motorsport. Oh, and plus points for all the guwapo drivers!”


Role Model’s “The Climb” on YouTube


“Having listened to the same songs over and over again had me venturing out to find more music that I’d like. It usually takes a while for me to find songs I genuinely enjoy listening to, so when I found this artist ‘Role Model’ I instantly loved each and every song he has ever produced and continues to produce. One of my favorite things to watch right now are his live performances from the past few years/months and hope to watch him live someday.”


James Hoffman on YouTube


“I drink a lot of coffee but sadly know too little or almost nothing about the craft. And I think it’s my responsibility to learn more things than just good coffee that is to my liking. Here’s where I am right now in my relationship with coffee: binging-and taking handwritten notes, on content from James Hoffman’s YouTube channel. His videos are simple, clean, ‘homey’ even, but are loaded with enough information on milk, coffee techniques and practices,  machines too that it makes it possible for any coffee lover to understand and know more about our favorite drink. If you wish to learn more about coffee, here is a great start. Subscribe and like now!”


Gilmore Girls on Netflix 

“A television show that revolves around the close-knit relationship of a mother and daughter duo. It is witty and realistic; which reminds of the personal relationship I share with my mother. Someone dear to me who guides me through all my endeavors. More so than just a feel-good show, ‘Gilmore Girls’ encapsulates the grit, will power, and pure love between a mother and daughter as they take on the world side by side.” 


Mina Le on YouTube


“I recently discovered Mina on my YouTube recommended and have been avidly consuming her takes on fashion and its context in pop culture and social media. From Gen Z fashion and dissection of micro-trends, to period clothing inaccuracies in film and aesthetic tropes and personas. She’s helped me find what works and why, and given me clearer insight into style niches I have been reluctant to delve into.”


BuzzFeed Unsolved on YouTube


“I’ve always been a fan of unsolved crimes and supernatural stories. The facts presented to the audience come with creative animations, and oftentimes they travel to these certain locations offering much more than just a presentation. What makes this series more entertaining are the co-hosts whose chemistry is insanely good. Their friendly banter, different beliefs and polar opposite personalities make for pure video gold, making BuzzFeed Unsolved stand out from other crime documentaries.”


Architectural Digest on YouTube


“AD is definitely at the top of my watchlist these days. I love everything about their videos. It’s definitely a plus to see my favorite celebrities and their homes-but what I enjoy the most is knowing more about designing spaces (I learned so much about lighting through AD) and the artists I discover through the art and furniture in their homes. Apart from all those cool features, I also really enjoy the minimal editing that is consistent in every episode!”