A Topiary Summer Packing Guide

A Topiary Summer Packing Guide

Summer break is just around the corner and you all know what that means—solo trips, getaways with friends and family vacations, and with all of these comes a whirlwind of booking flights, planning out itineraries, and of course, the very stressful ordeal of packing and organizing suitcases and bags.

But don’t you worry, because here, we’ve made a packing guide with a list of Topiary on-the-go essentials that are sure to lessen the hassle of travel!

Beach Trip - Luggage Cubes and Keep It Together

The use of packing cubes is a well-known organization practice that effectively gives your suitcase order and structure. Our Luggage Cubes set comes with three cubes of three different sizes, allowing you to compartmentalize your clothing—you can use the first cube for your swimsuits and cover-ups, the second for your bottoms and the third for your tops. If you want an upgrade from normal Luggage Cubes, we also offer the Luggage Cubes 2.0 which have clear covers that help you find and navigate your items effortlessly.

Make sure to store your flip flops in a separate bag like our Keep It Together shoe bag. The Keep It Together is extremely versatile, so if you don’t want to use it as a shoe bag you may use it as a handy wrist-bag to carry around your sunblock, phone and wallet as you walk or relax by the beach.

Backpacking Travel - Let’s Get Lost

Having to carry all your belongings in a single backpack means that maximizing your limited space is of utmost importance. For this scenario, using compression bags is the most ideal packing solution because not only do they help with the organization inside your bag, they also keep your clothes densely packed, therefore, allowing them to take up less space. We recommend rolling your clothes so you can make the most of the room. Try not to get flimsy compression bags that might tear or break; invest in high quality compression bags like our Let’s Get Lost zip-around compression cubes.

Weekend Getaway - Yin Yang and On The Go

Even if you’re just going away for the weekend, you can’t forget to take your skincare with you. The Yin Yang kit was designed to keep your cleansers, serums, moisturizers and other products secure. The kit comes with a train case and handbag, so you can even choose to store your skincare products in one, and your makeup products in the other. When packing, make a habit to categorize your items because this will ensure that nothing gets misplaced and that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for right away.

Having a staple backpack to carry your necessities during your adventures is a must. We recommend the On The Go—it is a soft and packable bag that can be easily folded into your suitcase, so you can just store it inside when you don’t need it and take it out when you do.

Business Trip - Clean

One of the most fundamental travel essentials is a well-designed toiletry kit. Everything about the The Clean is made with your convenience in mind—it is built with a hanger that you can hang up in your airbnb or hotel bathroom, keeping your toiletries out of the way, and it features many see-through compartments that enable you to quickly spot what you need and fish it out in a second. It truly is the ideal toiletry kit as it is compact and portable when folded, yet incredibly spacious when opened up, giving you ample room for every makeup or hygiene product that helps you look and feel your best in your business meetings and endeavors.

We hope that you add these to your travel shopping list, and that you continue making smarter and more practical packing choices. Start taking simple steps to make life a little bit easier for yourself!