5 Topiary Stocking Stuffers

5 Topiary Stocking Stuffers

5 Topiary Stocking Stuffers

This season, why not Say It With Topiary? Add another festive touch to your celebration and gift opening this holiday by bringing back this classic tradition—Christmas Stockings. Fill the fuzziest socks with all things cute and fun and meaningful, hand-picking every little gift with care and with the interests and quirks of your loved one in mind. There’s something special about curating an assortment of presents made for one specific person, and watching their delighted smile grow as they open gift after gift. 


Here, we’ve created a list of Topiary products that would make great additions to your list of stocking stuffers! 



Better Together pouches

The Better Together, the perfect pair of pouches, comes with two sizes to accommodate a range of essentials, and in a beautiful combination of two different prints and colorways. For the person in your life who always seems to be prepared with every necessity, the Better Together is a compact, classy and convenient gift to add to their stocking. 


The Sun Hat

Stylish and comfortable, the reversible Sun Hat provides shade from the grueling heat of the sun, and makes a lovely gift for the one who loves to get away and spend time outdoors. This bucket hat would be a chic addition to their wardrobe, one that dresses them up with its detailed prints yet cools them down in its effortless, genderless style.



We all have that friend or relative that has started riding the essentials oils wave. Add the Pharmacy, a home for essential oils, to their stocking. This tandem was designed to protect the little miracle bottles when traveling with its large carrier, holding up to ten standard essential oil bottles, and its smaller carrier, holding up to eight.


Hayo’u Beauty Precision Tool Jade

Small and simple, this Hayo’u Beauty Precision Tool is fit to be placed in a Christmas stocking! Combining the benefits of gua sha with the advantage of precision, this jade tool allows you to rejuvenate with pinpoint accuracy, and to specifically target fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip areas. Your skincare junkie friend or relative is sure to cherish and appreciate this thoughtful present. 


Nesting Pouches

Everyone needs a little organization in their life, and there is a size for every life requirement. The Nesting Pouches come with four different pouch sizes, making it versatile storage for every necessity, and come in five different color sets, giving you the option to choose which colors your loved one would like the most. 



We hope this list gave you some gift ideas for more intentional and thoughtful gift giving practices, and we hope it inspired you to bring back this classic Christmas tradition to make the holidays even more fun and exciting, bursting with even more love and joy.