Sound and Senses: What The Topiary Team is Listening To Right Now

Sound and Senses: What The Topiary Team is Listening To Right Now

Sound and Senses: What The Topiary Team is Listening To Right Now

From cures to anxious days, to music and audio that brings inner peace, to insightful audio files and YouTube channels, here is a list of what the Topiary Team is listening to right now.


Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by The Sunlandic Twins  

“This is usually one of the first songs I listen to when I wake up, just cause it helps set the mood and how I’ll feel throughout the day. It’s also good to play on drives with friends, or in my case a good wake up song.”


Modern Love by The New York Times  

“This podcast talks about relationships, feelings, betrayals and revelations through conversation and storytelling from real life experiences. The stories range from tales of lovers, friends to families. I mostly love the way they are told as they’re full of raw emotion that leaves you either feeling hopeful, heartbroken or at peace. All these different stories make you  realize and rethink the kind of love you put out to the world and the kind of love you choose to accept for yourself.” 


Home by Edward Sharpe  & The Magnetic Zeros  

“Home reminds me of all those that have impacted my life; good or bad. For someone like me who just keeps moving from one place to another, it’s always great to remind oneself of the comfort of a home that is waiting for you wherever life may take you next. Literally or figuratively, we all have our idea of what home ought to be.”


The School of Life  

“I’ve always been a fan of Alain de Botton’s ‘The School of Life’. It reminds me so much of my time as a Humanities student in University. It balances two ends of the spectrum of thought-practical, real life lessons and the lofty ideals of philosophy, and the product is this elegant YouTube channel that helps you understand yourself and the people around you. A personal favorite is “Don’t Worry, No One Cares”, when I listened to this, I felt more empowered to just be myself and do what I want and have to without the burden of others. Presentation wise, you get beautiful, relaxing reading by Alain and his team and paired with stylish imagery, you get a senseful of really good, quality content.”


Headspace Guide to Sleep (Netflix) 

“I’ve recently been having a lot of anxiety and lack of sleep: the one thing that seems to calm me is Headspace Guide to Sleep on Netflix. It’s visually beautiful, but it’s brilliance is in its sound design that lulls you into restful stupor: a gentle narrator & ambient sound of your dreams (literally!) I’ve yet to reach the end of any episode without dozing off.”


Paraíso by Monogem

"I often question if I am missing out in life as I am away from the city and my friends. Thankfully, this song reminds me of how light and liberating life is in the province -- easily driving to the beach in a couple of minutes with the windows down as the warm, fresh air brushes through my hair. Laying down in a hammock, tied between coconut trees and slowly falling asleep. I believe I am in my own Paraiso."


Singing Bowls for Bedtime

“After my night time routine, I turn the lights off, get into bed and play this video. Something about a sound bath calms me down and puts me to sleep. I wake up the next day feeling calm and refreshed."